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    James D. "Skip" Werline

    James D. "Skip" Werline holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts from Morehead State University, Morehead, KY.  He is currently an instructor and head of the art department at Southern State Community College.  Artist James D. Werline's unprecedented importance as an artist reveals the power of an element unique to his work:  a captivating spiritual quality derived from his softness of stroke and his masterful ability to create timeless, intimate mood through suffusion of light.  Mr. Werline has gained national recognition as a leading watercolorist.  Because watercolor will not bear the tinkering that other media allows, Werline says, "I have to know five steps ahead of myself what I'm going to do . .  .I think a successful artist works right on the edge of disaster all the time.  I enjoy the intensity and challenge." 


    November 2010



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